Farm Tyre

Farm Tyre: Being an agrarian country, Indian GDP is contributed by agriculture is 17% which is a big contribution at all. So they are needed technological help by us; there requirements are given in points.

  • 70% population in our country lives in villages; they are mostly dependent on agriculture, so they needed help in it.farm1
  • To increase the productivity of farming, they use many instruments like Tractors, Treasures, and Cultures whose wheels needed tyres to move.
  • Quality requires of tyres for the farming instruments is very much different than normal vehicles running on the clean road.
  • These instrument moves on dirt, sands, ponds and muddy lands so that their external design would be different from others.
  • The external layer of the tyres should be very hard and curly so that it can be equate the unequal surface.
  • Tyre grip should be very strong in comparison to normal vehicles tyres to provide stucked attraction between rim and tyres.
  • Surface layer resistance should be greater than others so that muddy and sandy land can easily support to move smoothly.

In our stock, there are so many types of tyre for every agricultural instrument with all the above necessary qualities.