Motorcycle Tyre

Motorcycle Tyre

Being a very different technical as well as logical reason, Goodyear tyres more useful for your motorcycle, some reasons are given as –

Decreased Rolling Friction

 Rolling friction plays very efficient role to run a Motorcycle on the road due to the rolling friction of tyre.

  • Goodyear tyres designer focuses to reduce the rolling friction so that its fuel consumption could be control with comfortable drive.
  • With the reduction of friction between road and tyre, it could also be focuses of balanced drive with no slipping.motor

Corner Grip:- Most of the tyres do not have sufficient coverage of the rim; as a result the corrosion destroys the rim.

Efficient Grip:-Grip should be so efficient and complete for the rim and also be very well framed to grip it tightly.

Outer Surface Design:-Mostly outer surface of the tyres are normally designed, not on the basis of any specific target or logical reason.

  • In Goodyear tyre, the researchers fully involve to design outer surface on the basis of slipping – control technology.
  • They also focus to maintain balance on wet road also, so that it could be provide comfortable and safe journey.

Performance of Break:

Break performance also depends on resistance and upper surface design of tyres which are well understood by our technicians.