passenger Tyre

Passenger Tyre: In this fast moving and rapid development era, demand of very fast and most comfortable passenger vehicles increases much more. Work capability multiplies as of daily routine by using the vehicles that may be privately owned or publically using vehicles. There are some specific characteristics which should be keep in mind at the time of Tyre manufacturing for passenger vehicle so that their requirement could be fulfill.

High performance: Passenger vehicles need high performance; mainly for public transport it is a necessary part to cover long distances as well.passenger1

Trembling Resistive:

  • Specifically focus could be on trembling generated by the vehicle when it moving with high speed public or private vehicle.
  • This problem is very common when fully passenger loaded car or bus moving on long route with very high speed.
  • One of the reasons is being very slim tyre and soft material so width between air and road is small.

Avoid Heating:

  • Heating problem of tyre is one of the weakest points for common tyres that cause tyre burst and puncher easily.
  • Due to the heating, material of tyres being soft and then air pressure inside the tyre generates trembling in vehicle.
  • Break performance is also affected when tyres is being heated and soften and also balance can be disturbed cause damage.